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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Alex Vella Rebels motorcycle gang leader has won a multimillion dollar lawsuit

Rebels motorcycle gang leader Alex Vella has won a multimillion dollar lawsuit to recover the Rebels headquarters and two other properties after they were allegedly mortgaged by a former business partner using false title deeds.Mr Vella's former close friend and business partner Tony Caradonna - who was also a former business partner of disgraced music promoter Glenn Wheatley - allegedly used forged documents to re-mortgage for $2.4million three properties that were owned by Mr Vella. NSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Young yesterday ruled that the mortgages, written by Perpetual Mortgages and Mitchell Morgan Nominees, were invalid, and said Mr Vella was entitled to the three properties "unencumbered by mortgages". Mr Vella was also successful yesterday in a claim against ANZ, with the bank forced to pay the Rebels boss $150,000 plus interest for an unauthorised $300,000 transaction. The Rebels chief alleged ANZ had allowed $300,000 to be withdrawn from an account controlled by Mr Vella and Mr Caradonna - established to fund a venture between high-profile fighters Anthony Mundine and Danny Green - without the signatures of both account-holders. Asked whether yesterday's decision represented a move towards bikie gangs resolving disputes in the courts, Mr Vella said: "This is not about bikies, this is about honesty. "It's been a long time, believe me ... but I proved myself because I was honest," Mr Vella said.
Wearing snake-skin boots and with his trademark mullet-style long black hair, Mr Vella told reporters outside Sydney's NSW Supreme Court he believed it was inconceivable that someone could just "sign your signature and get money". Mr Vella's solicitor, Maurice May of Slater & Gordon, said the case sounded a warning to banks and financial institutions. "What this highlights is that financial distributors such as mortgage providers and banks should be very, very careful before they advance money when there's a possibility that the document is forged," Mr May said. Mr Caradonna, who is currently in protective custody, is due to face Parramatta Local Court today after being charged with 26 fraud offences. Documents tendered to the court last week stated that Mr Caradonna, 46, refinanced three loans held by Mr Vella to obtain more than $2million over a three-week period from Christmas 2005.
Mr Vella had been in dispute over the property deeds to his home at Horsley Park in western Sydney and several motorcycle clubhouses, including the Rebels' fortress-style national headquarters at Luddenham in Sydney's west. As revealed by The Australian, Wheatley - who is the manager for singer John Farnham and in the past handled artists including the Little River Band and Delta Goodrem - and Mr Caradonna were joint operators of boxing promoter Blue Corner Promotions. Company searches reveal that both men controlled the company between September 2004 and December last year, when it was disbanded. Wheatley - who was released into home detention last week after serving 10 months for defrauding the tax office by failing to declare income tax - and Mr Caradonna are understood to have promoted bouts via Blue Corner Promotions at the Parramatta Leagues Club. Fellow boxing promoter Stuart Duncan, a long-time friend of Wheatley, said he believed that Mr Caradonna and Wheatley had been introduced to each other through a John Farnham fan club.

Police raid the Coffin Cheaters motorcycle gang

Police investigating recent assaults in Bunbury have raided the city's headquarters of the Coffin Cheaters motorcycle gang.Local police and officers from Operation Jupiter have been at the fortified premises for several hours.
Operation Jupiter is targeting organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs.
At least one member of the club is inside and police expect to take him away for questioning later today.
Officers are collecting evidence from the premises.

Chanh Duc (Hector) Ho arrested faces eight charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping

Chanh Duc (Hector) Ho, 21, of Toronto, was arrested early yesterday near Yonge St. and Finch Ave. He faces eight charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping.
A police source alleged Ho has ties to the Chin Pak street gang. Also arrested in yesterday's raids on drug and weapons offences were Eric Ho, 19, of Toronto, Chi Duc David Ho, 18, of Markham, Thang Ho, 49, of Markham, and a 17-year-old Toronto girl, who can't be identified.

Richard C. Morris Jr arrested Orange County’s most notorious unsolved slayings: the mob-style execution of topless bar owner Jimmy Casino.

Richard C. Morris Jr., 54, was arrested in Honolulu last week and extradited to Orange County in connection with the Jan. 2, 1987 of Casino, the behind-the-scenes owner-operator of the Mustang Topless Theater.A Hawaii man was charged Tuesday with special circumstances murder for his alleged role in one of Orange County’s most notorious unsolved slayings: the mob-style execution of topless bar owner Jimmy Casino.He appeared in Orange County Superior Court Tuesday afternoon in a long-sleeved yellow T-shirt, brown knee-length shorts and flip-flops with his hands cuffed behind his back. Superior Court Commissioner Vickie L. Hix continued his arraignment to June 13 and ordered him held without bail.Casino’s death was the first in a series of mob-style shootings linked to financial control of the highly lucrative Mustang to rock Orange County in the 1980s. A financial backer in the club was blinded after he was shot in the head three months later and a bouncer was killed execution-style in an Irvine parking lot in 1988.Orange County prosecutors declined to discuss the case, including what led them to Morris.But they filed a murder charge Tuesday morning against Morris, who was been living in Hawaii for 10 years, accusing him of killing James Lee Stockwell – Casino’s real name.
Morris faces a potential death penalty if convicted because he was also accused of two special circumstances: murder for financial gain and murder during the commission of a robbery.Debbie Chow, Morris’ fiancée, described her boyfriend of three years as a gentle, kind, non-violent person who helped her take care of stray dogs and cats.“He is just a great guy. We did everything together,” Chow said in a phone interview from their home in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, about 15 miles from Waikiki.
She said they live together with Morris’ brother, who is disabled. Morris, Chow added, is unemployed because he is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.
“He did drink when I first met him, but I got him to quit,” Chow said. “I told him you got to take care of yourself if you want to live.”She said Morris “has never hurt anyone that I know of. ... It’s really hard to believe that he could be involved in something like this,” Chow said.
“Oh man, this really has been hard for me,” added Chow, an artist. “My heart has been pounding fast since he was arrested. My head has been floating in the air; I lost my appetite and I can’t sleep.”The unsolved murder of Jimmy Casino and the subsequent gangland-style shootings became the top news stories in Orange County, in part because of the name Jimmy Casino – one of the all-time great mafia monikers.He was a one-of-a-kind character. He ran the notorious topless bar on Harbor Boulevard, but he read the Bible to his dancers and implored them to stay away from drugs and prostitution.He had an arrest record that spanned three decades, for attempted murder, burglary, auto theft, bad checks, mail fraud, counterfeiting and fraud.He had a lot of friends and a lot of enemies.
The execution of Casino, 48, quickly became Orange County’s most famous unsolved murder.Whenever someone wanted to confess anything, Orange County detectives took to asking, “Well, did you do Jimmy Casino too?”
Casino – born in Fullerton in 1939 – was listed in court documents as a consultant or financial manager of the Mustang topless theater.
But he was actually owner and operator, according to his civil attorney Joe Dickerson. Casino, however, was barred from having his name on the liquor license because of his extensive criminal past.
The Mustang was the first and biggest topless club in Orange County in the mid 1980s, created in 1983 by a judge’s decision that classified it as a “theater” rather than a night club, which protected its activities as freedom of expression.
It was extremely successful, especially for Casino, according to police reports.
He lived in a $1.4 million mansion in Anaheim Hills for awhile with some of his topless dancers. He had a near-new Rolls Royce, a Mercedes Benz 450 SL and a new Chevrolet Camaro.Casino, who liked to wear expensive shirts unbuttoned to mid chest, with a comb-over of his thinning brown hair, eventually moved into a two-story condominium near Los Coyotes Golf Course in Buena Park with his 22-year-old girl friend.
When they returned home shortly after midnight Jan. 2, 1987, two masked and armed intruders were waiting. The intruders tied up and raped his girl friend and dragged Casino downstairs.They ransacked the condo, taking jewelry, furs, credit cards and two cars.

Arrests follow an investigation of "two violent streets gangs, the Davis Street Gang and the 12th Street Crips, and their associates"

Officers began rounding up members of "two violent street gangs" Wednesday morning who are suspected of distributing large amounts of drugs in Gregg County, the United States Attorney's Office reported.If convicted, the defendants face up to life in prison and fines of more than $4 million.Information about which people had already been arrested was not immediately available. The 29 people who were being arrested were indicted in federal court on May 13. They are almost all from Longview.The people named in the indictment were:

Quincy L. Head, aka Q45, 27, of Longview;
William Earl Johnson Jr., aka Truck, 31, of Longview;
Marchello Dornell Miller, aka Chello, 27, of Longview;
Dajamuel Dione Floyd, aka Jamie and/or Red, 30, of Longview;
Rodrick Dewayne Taylor, aka Playboy, 35, of Dallas;
James Darrell Lister, Jr., aka Wee Wee, 26, of Longview;
Larry Donell George, aka LG and/or G, 25, of Longview
Bronson Benard Bell, aka Lil B, 24, of Longview;
Chester Wayne Davis, 33, of Longview;
Wendallen Cardarius Adams, aka Pooh, 19, of Longview;
Tony Wayne Jamerson, aka Tony Jacobs, 22, of Longview;
Ricky Nelson Miles, Jr., aka Ricky Tick and/or Tick, 24, of Longview;
Juan Daniell Ingram, aka 1G, 31, of Longview;
Leonardo Davinci Alford, aka Leo, 29, of Longview;
Larry Norris Canada, 24, of Longview;
Cory Tederrell Dawkins, aka Clacky Ray, 31, of Longview;
Howard Wayne Stinson, aka Big Wayne, 35, of Longview;
Albert Lee Scott, Jr., aka Chi Ali, 32, of Longview;
Carlo Demond Stoker-Young, aka Little Joe, 29, of Longview;
Arthur James Woods, aka AWAL, 30, of Longview;
Kevin Lynn Canada, 28, of Longview;
Marcus Dewayne Faggans, 24, of Longview;
Steven Lemond Darden, aka Little Stevie, 31, of Longview;
Cameron Sims, aka Big Boy, 29, of Longview;
Joe Frank Gonerway, 47, of Longview;
Emmanuel Larmark Buchanan, aka Fat Man, 32, of Longview;
Clifton Earl Robinson, aka Mister C, 33, of Longview;
Ivory Jackson, aka "Nutty" Jackson, 28, of Longview; and
Steven Duane Glover, 23, of Longview.
The suspects also are believed to have committed various firearms violations, including possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of firearms in relation to drug-trafficking offenses.The Longview Police Department has called an 11 a.m. press conference Wednesday to discuss the arrests along with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Texas; the FBI; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; the North Texas HIDTA/East Texas Violent Crime Task Force; Gregg County District Attorney's Office; Gregg County Sheriff's Office; Kilgore Police Department; and the County Organized Drug Enforcement Unit.The arrests began about 7 a.m. Wednesday, with local, federal and state officers executing 29 federal arrest warrants and 27 state arrest warrants.The arrests follow an investigation of "two violent streets gangs, the Davis Street Gang and the 12th Street Crips, and their associates" that began in January 2006, the U.S. Attorney's Office reported."These gangs are believed to be responsible for distribution of significant quantities of crack cocaine, cocaine and marijuana," the press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office said."Court documents suggest that these gangs are responsible for a large percentage of the crack cocaine and marijuana being transported and sold in the Gregg County, Texas, area. Each gang is alleged to have maintained drug houses in which crack cocaine, marijuana, promethazine, pills and firearms were continually being sold. It is alleged that these drug houses were supplied and protected by the gangs. The investigation has uncovered evidence indicating that each of the houses is responsible for the distribution of a large quantity of crack cocaine."
Federal agents said the investigation is one example of how local, state and federal agencies work together to address drug and violent crimes."We will continue to target dangerous individuals that terrorize neighborhoods and subsequently affect the quality of life in those areas," said Acting Special Agent in Charge Michael A. Golson Sr. with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.Gregg County District Attorney Carl Dorrough praised the officers involved in the investigation."Their efforts, culminating in today's arrests, display the level of success that can be achieved when all levels of law enforcement work together cooperatively," he said in the press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. "Today's arrests and the coming prosecutions do not simply concern illegal drugs. These two organizations have been and would continue to be, absent this investigation, deeply involved in activities that endanger the lives of our citizens."

William Crompton Maclean Hells Angels associate shot to death in Marin last weekend

A Hells Angels associate shot to death in Marin last weekend was identified Monday as William Crompton Maclean, 25, of San Leandro. The investigation into Maclean's death continued Monday as police looked for the red sport-utility vehicle that raced away after the homicide. The sheriff's department was still trying to determine whether the shooting was related to the motorcycle association's activities, or whether some other motive was at play, said sheriff's Sgt. Keith Boyd. "At this point, we don't have any indication as to a motive and we're investigating any possibilities as to why this occurred," Boyd said. Maclean was shot about 8:15 p.m. Saturday while riding in a white Chevy pickup truck that was leading a procession of Hells Angels motorcyclists through Marin to Sonoma County. Sheriff's investigators said someone in a red SUV, possibly a Dodge Durango, opened fire on the Chevy pickup on northbound Highway 101 between Tiburon Boulevard in Mill Valley and the Paradise Drive exit in Corte Madera. Maclean was struck in the upper body. The driver of the pickup truck, a member of the motorcycle club, veered off the freeway at Paradise Drive and called 911 from the pay phone at California Highway Patrol headquarters in Corte Madera. Maclean was rushed to Marin General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Maclean was one of about 200 mourners who attended memorial services Saturday afternoon for Carl "J.R." Serrano, a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Frisco chapter in San Francisco. Serrano, 56, who died of cancer May 4 while in prison, was buried in Colma on Saturday. The Hells Angels rode in processions that day before Maclean's contingent headed north.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Evaristo Alvear,Jose De Jesus Camacho alleged Wapato gang members were charged today with shooting up a Wapato home

Evaristo Alvear, 22, and Jose De Jesus Camacho, 21, were charged with drive-by shooting during their arraignment in Yakima County Superior Court.The two alleged Wapato gang members were charged today with shooting up a Wapato home last week. A Wapato police officer heard the shots being fired near the 200 block of West Elizabeth Street on Friday, and with assistance from Yakima County Sheriff's deputies arrested three men seen fleeing the crime scene. Police found five bullet casings on the street. Two bullets passed through the home and struck a parked vehicle in the back. Police said Alvear was the shooter and Camacho was the driver. Both are being held in lieu of $200,000 bail.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club was selling T-shirts on Panama City Beach

Member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club was selling T-shirts on Panama City Beach when he was confronted by members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club, deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office wrote in an incident report. The Outlaws consisted of three men on motorcycles and a fourth man in a gold Lincoln. A woman wearing a property of Outlaw vest also was with them, deputies wrote.
Each of the Outlaws pulled guns out of their pants while the Hell’s Angel held a knife, the Hell’s Angel said. The Outlaws told the man to leave their territory or they would kill him, the Hell’s Angel said. The Outlaws then took the man’s shirts and left, deputies wrote.

Gang violence between the infamous Hells Angels and the Outlaws have led to the cancellation of Motor Cycle Show.

Gang violence between the infamous Hells Angels and the Outlaws have led to the cancellation of the Welsh Motor Cycle Show.The Royal Welsh Showground Committee pulled the plug on the event – scheduled to have been held over the Bank Holiday weekend – following advice from Dyfed Powys Police.But show organisers are livid, and are looking at legal action to recover losses of over £80,000.
Steve Bennett, director of the Welsh Motor Cycle Show, told the County Times: "I believe they (the police) have frightened the committee with horrific tales of violence in the past. There was more violence in Manchester last night than there has been between the supposed gangs last year

Gaétan Comeau parole revoked

Gaétan Comeau, 60, part of the gang's Montreal chapter, was once described by police as having possible links to the 1995 car bombing that killed 11-year-old Daniel Desrochers, an innocent victim of the biker gang war.
In 2003, he was arrested along with 10 others in Project Apache, a police investigation into a drug trafficking network that operated out of the city's Rosemont and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve districts.
On Dec. 17, 2003, Comeau pleaded guilty to charges related to his leading role in the network and was sentenced to a prison term of five years and two months. Last summer, after reaching the two-thirds mark of his sentence, he qualified for statutory release.In January, he was arrested for violating his release and was returned to prison after Montreal police alleged he was linked to a series of violent incidents in which independent tow-truck drivers in Montreal received threats, vandalism and assaults.The investigation reportedly centred on a tow-truck company based on 12th Ave. in Rosemont. According to provincial business records, the garage in Rosemont is owned by one of Comeau's relatives, who was also convicted and sentenced for taking part in the same drug trafficking network.
The written summary of the National Parole Board's decision to revoke his parole indicates Comeau was unwilling to tolerate competition."According to information from the police, you were related to events of violence and intimidation linked to a fight over territory to towing vehicles on the Montreal Island," it said. "The police also saw you in the company of individuals with criminal records. The parole board considers this information to be reliable and convincing."Comeau renounced his right to a parole hearing and did not respond to the allegations. The evidence that he had associated with criminals during his release was enough to revoke his release.
The two parole commissioners who made the decision also barred Comeau from setting foot on the island of Montreal if he is released again before his sentence ends in February.Despite the evidence presented to the parole board, neither Comeau nor the relative who owns the towing company has been charged with any crimes related to the investigation.A Montreal police spokesperson was unable to say whether any arrests have been made in the investigation.

Hells Angels was riding in a Chevrolet truck at the head of a motorcycle procession along Highway 101 Saturday night when he was shot.

A member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club is dead after he was found in a California Highway Patrol parking lot in Corte Madera suffering from a gunshot wound.The man riding at the head of a procession of Hells Angels motorcycle riders Saturday night on Highway 101 in Marin County died after being shot and detectives Sunday were asking witnesses to help.
At about 8:15 p.m. Saturday, the victim was riding in a white Chevy truck, leading the procession, when he was shot. The truck was in the northbound lanes between Tiburon Boulevard and Paradise Drive, sheriff’s officials reported.

Sgt. Keith Boyd of the Marin County sheriff's office says the victim was riding in a Chevrolet truck at the head of a motorcycle procession along Highway 101 Saturday night when he was shot. Boyd said sheriff's deputies found the man after getting a 911 call placed at a pay phone outside the CHP office. The victim was pronounced dead at Marin General Hospital. His name has not been released.
Authorities said the shooter may have opened fire from a red sport utility vehicle with damaged windows associate of the Hells Angels was slain Saturday by a drive-by gunman on northbound Highway 101 near Tiburon, authorities said.
Marin County sheriff's investigators, who issued an urgent call for witnesses following the shooting at about 8 p.m., said the victim was a passenger in a white Chevrolet pickup truck that was leading a procession of Hells Angels on motorcycles when the gunfire erupted.Police were seeking a red vehicle, possibly an SUV, that engaged in what was described as an altercation with the pickup truck, which was driven by a Hells Angel club member.The driver of the pickup truck took the victim to the nearby Corte Madera office of the California Highway Patrol, where authorities were summoned.
The victim, a 27- or 28-year-old man, was pronounced dead at Marin General Hospital. His identity was not released.
Marin County Sheriff's Sgt. Keith Boyd said the pickup apparently was leading a group of a half dozen or more Hells Angels on the freeway when there was "some sort of interaction" with the red vehicle in which the two cars changed lanes.
"They began a verbal-type altercation" and shots were fired. Boyd did not know how many shots were fired, and declined to say where the victim was wounded.
The pickup driver then drove the victim to the CHP office, apparently followed by members of the motorcycle club.
Authorities were uncertain about the relationship of the victim to the motorcycle club, but Boyd described him as an "associate."

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Black Uhlans, Eight people have been charged with 14 offences on the Fraser Coast following 20 raids, which included a bikie club house at Urangan.

Cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamines were found in raids in both districts a search in Palmwoods saw more than 1.5kg of amphetamines and more than 1kg of cannabis seized.Three motorcycle gangs have been hit in raids that have seen cash, cannabis, ecstasy and more than 1.5kg of amphetamines bagged by police.
Thirty-six detectives were part of the joint Fraser and Sunshine Coast operation, Golf Cyclone. Eight people have been charged with 14 offences on the Fraser Coast following 20 raids, which included a bikie club house at Urangan. On the Sunshine Coast, six people were charged with 17 offences. Police said it was an ongoing operation to target places related to the Black Uhlans, Gypsy Jokers and Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gangs. "This is a proactive action to ensure our intelligence holdings are maintained to the highest level," police detective Senior Sergeant Leith Lindsay said yesterday. "We make no apologies for it. Paramount is the safety of all people in our designated areas. Police will continue to be proactive."
People charged from the raids will appear in Maryborough, Maroochydore or Noosa courts in early

Timothy Evans and Mike Daniels Skyline Bloods boss both guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting of Adrian Patton.

Timothy Evans and Mike Daniels both guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting of Adrian Patton.Evans testified he unloaded his clip into Patton, because he had to at the order of his Skyline Bloods boss, Daniels...known as Mike Mike.Daniels was angry at Patton for shooting up his sister's house.During the trial, testimony showed beat ins or worse happened for initiation into the Skyline Bloods. Evans says they had 35 members and met weekly where Mike Mike decided if punishment for any member was in order.Time after time psychologists say young men join gangs for love and acceptance.Evans told the jury he was upset Daniels told police he didn't know why Evans shot Patton. " I loved Michael, I was loyal to him. I would have did anything for him. Anybody can speak on that. He can speak on that. But when he sat there and told them folks he didn't know why I kilt him, it hurted me."We learned this afternoon the Hamilton County Jail has each man on separate floors for safety.They are scheduled for sentencing at the the end of July.

Sweden has fifty hells angel biker gangs operating across the country with the number of reported cases of extortion doubling in the last ten years.

Organised motorcycle gang crime is a growing problem in Sweden with at least fifty gangs operating across the country with the number of reported cases of extortion doubling in the last ten years. Rejecting widespread calls for a Swedish FBI to tackle the problem, the government’s Justice Ministry has instead backed plans to set up 9 police action groups around the country, to fight organised crime

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Francesco (Cisco) Lenti former Bandidos Motorcycle Club member who pleaded guilty to manslaughter last month sentence has been delayed.

Armed York Regional Police tactical officers stood watch as special constables asked each person to identify themselves and empty their pockets before they were granted access to the courtroom.Francesco (Cisco) Lenti, 60, of Vaughan, media and police officers filed into courtroom 403 in Newmarket just after 9:30 a.m. Monday.
After Mr. Lenti, who appeared wearing a black shirt and black pants, was led to the prisoner’s dock, Crown attorney Peter Westgate informed Justice Michael Brown that Mr. Lenti’s lawyer, Louie Genova, had fallen ill.His next sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 26.On April 14, Mr. Lenti pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the shooting death of David John (Dread) Buchanan, 32, the sergeant at arms for the Hells Angels West Toronto chapter. He also pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in the December 2006 incident, during which Hells Angels member Dana Carnegie and then-Hells Angels prospect Carlo Verrelli were wounded at Club Pro, in the Jane Street and Hwy. 7 area.According to the agreed statement of facts, at about 10:30 p.m., Dec. 1, 2006, Mr. Lenti arrived to Club Pro, where he was employed as a “cooler”, meaning he was responsible for keeping drugs out of the building and acting as a peacekeeper.About two hours later, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Carnegie, Mr. Verrelli and Scott Desroche, who was also a Hells Angels member, walked into Club Pro.
Mr. Buchanan was celebrating his birthday the night he was killed, according to a posting on a Hells Angels website in the hours after his death.At about 12:53 a.m., Mr. Lenti went to the bar area to order a coffee and water. While at the bar, he noticed the four men and recognized them as Hells Angels, court heard.
After an argument broke out about Mr. Lenti being associated with the Bandidos and the fact he was trying to establish the club in Ontario, the disagreement moved to the lobby, where Mr. Lenti was punched in the eye by Mr. Buchanan, court heard.
Pulling out a nine-millimetre handgun he began carrying after learning of a plot to kill him, Mr. Lenti shot Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Carnegie and Mr. Verrelli. Mr. Desroche escaped into a utility closet when Mr. Lenti pulled the gun, court heard.
Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Verrelli collapsed to the floor after being shot, while Mr. Carnegie fled.Mr. Buchanan was trying to raise himself off the floor while his right hand was extended toward Mr. Lenti.Mr. Lenti shot Mr. Buchanan through his left cheek, ending his life, court heard.While on his way to the club’s door, Mr. Lenti again shot Mr. Verrelli, who was on the floor in the fetal position.
Mr. Lenti left the club, taking the gun. The weapon has never been recovered.
Court heard the entire incident in the lobby lasted 40 seconds. The Hells Angels were not seen carrying guns during the incident, court heard.Both Mr. Verrelli and Mr. Carnegie were treated in hospital.After leaving the closet, Mr. Desroche left the club briefly, but returned and turned Mr. Buchanan over, saying he was attempting CPR.Mr. Lenti surrendered the same day.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Operation "Third Watch" targeted the criminal street gang Third Shift

Operation "Third Watch" targeted the criminal street gang Third Shift.Close to 30 sheriffs deputies surrounded a house in Bradenton Thursday night, the latest crackdown on gang activity in Manatee County. 3 members of the 3rd Shift gang were arrested as part of Operation 3rd Watch that began in July of last year. Stuebe says they've confiscated guns, drugs and $52,000 since that time, and now all but 2 members are behind bars. "This is the culmination, really, what we did last night with the search warrant execution. But there are still a few out there that we're probably going to get a little later as the investigation continues."Those 2, Theophille Telfort and Anthony Brown. Brown has been charged with murder in the past, but the charges were dropped. "This is not a typical gang, like the mafia, with a hierarchy and a tier. This group is a little more self serving, less formal, and who is not in jail at the time and is usually the most violent, runs the show for the most part."After those 2 are brought in, Operation 3rd Watch will be complete. But Steube saying busts like these will continue until the gangs are off the streets. "I'm going to stand before you and I'm going to tell you that although this is the 3rd gang in Manatee County that I believe we've put down, we're not finished. We're going to continue our RICO investigations and our collaborative efforts with all of these agencies who have been so helpful to us."
The operation has resulted in the arrest of eleven subjects:
Jamal Edwards, 19,Terry Green, 20
Brian Johnson, 19,Keith Parhm, 22
James King, 21,Ryan Simmons, 24
Annuel Meranvil, 21,Lucien Alexis, 20
Emmanuel Meranvil, 22,Tija Morgan, 22
Jerome Williams, 36
The following suspects are still at large:
Theophille Telfort, 21
Anthony Brown, 18
Five other subjects affiliated with the Third Shift Gang were already in custody and have been indicted on Federal narcotics and weapons charges:
Kary Alexis, 24
Jimmy Lee, 26
Dominic Orr, 19
Davidson Petit, 26
Clifford Saint-Lewis, 23

Former Hells Angels bikie Christopher Wayne Hudson has pleaded guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder

Christopher Wayne Hudson has pleaded guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder over the peak-hour shootings in Melbourne's CBD last June.
Solicitor Brendan Keilar was shot dead and a backpacker was seriously injured when they intervened in an argument between Hudson and a woman in the city during the morning peak hour.Mr Keilar, a father of three, was shot as he rushed to help Kara Douglas, who Hudson was dragging from a taxi in William Street. Hudson also shot Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard, who also went to help the woman.
Hudson, from Melbourne, has been remanded in custody to appear in the Supreme Court in June. The former Hells Angels bikie also pleaded guilty to assaulting another woman, Autumn Daly-Holt, outside a King Street nightclub before the shootings.
Last week he pleaded guilty to using an unregistered firearm after firing a gun from his car while giving a late-night lift to AFL star Alan Didak.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

30-year-old Richmond man was shot dead and a second man injured after a "wild west" fight broke out at Cecil strip club

Police allege that the Hells Angels have been involved with agencies that supply exotic dancers to strip clubs. A former Cecil bouncer, Michael Plante, had been a Hells Angels enforcer and later infiltrated the East End chapter as a paid police agent. Plante is now in witness protection."It was a crazy scene . . . fists, chairs, bottles were flying inside the bar," said Const. Tim Fanning of the Vancouver police department.A 30-year-old Richmond man was shot dead and a second man injured after a "wild west" fight broke out at Cecil strip club in downtown Vancouver Wednesday.According to police, the fight broke out around 10:30 p.m., and involved between 20 and 30 men.
The Cecil is slated for redevelopment with a 22-storey residential tower proposed for the site.Minutes later, a single shot fired inside the bar sent panicked patrons and staff running out into the parking lot at the rear of the building at 1336 Granville.Outside, gunfire again erupted with bullets striking at least two men, killing one.Police -- who'd received several 911 calls -- arrived on scene at 10:40 p.m. to find the body of a man lying near the dumpsters near the back door.
A second man, a 32-year-old Surrey resident, was shot in the leg. He was taken to hospital for treatment and released early Thursday.Police were not releasing the name of either shooting victim Thursday. Fanning said both are known gang associates, but declined to identify the gang.
He said it remains unclear what started the fight."We don't know if someone looked at someone the wrong way or a beer was knocked over, but, suffice to say, it had very tragic consequences," he said.Suspects in the shooting have yet to be identified.Investigators have, so far, interviewed dozens of witnesses and seized hotel security videos.Four vehicles were also towed from the club parking lot, including the dead man's car and three vehicles police believe may provide valuable clues in the shooting, such as DNA or fingerprints.The club remained shut Thursday, surrounded by yellow police tape and uniformed police officers.A man answering the phone at the bar said no one was available to comment on the incident. He said it was uncertain when the business would re-open.Fanning said VPD's gang suppression task force regularly patrols the Cecil, among other clubs along Granville Street club strip.
The Cecil is not a member of the Vancouver Barwatch program. Barwatch chair John Teti said Cecil owners had, in the past, expressed an interest in joining the society, but were turned down.
"We weren't ready to have a strip bar as a member," Teti said.
To qualify for the program, bars must be approved by the Vancouver Police, have metal detectors and identification scanners and have agreed to allow the police to enter the bar and remove patrons without permission.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Targeted hit on a member of the United Nations gang

The UN gang is a multi-ethnic crime group that has its roots in the Fraser Valley, but has grown throughout Metro Vancouver over the last few years. Members have also been showing up more frequently in the Okanagan and Interior.
40-year-old gunned down in a targeted hit late Thursday on a quiet Abbotsford street was a member of the United Nations or UN gang, The Vancouver Sun has learned.
The man, whose identity is being withheld by investigators, was gunned down on the front steps of the house he had shared with his wife and daughters for several months.But police have confirmed that he was heavily involved in organized crime.
The man is known to police and he is suspected of having links to organized crime," said Abbotsford Police Const. Casey Vinet. "All indications are that the victim was targeted."Several Lower Mainland murders and shootings have been linked to rivalries between the UN and other crime groups such as the Independent Soldiers.
Neighbours of the home at 1432 Kipling St. say the man and his family have been residing there for only a few months and kept to themselves in the close-knit community-oriented area.The man was apparently arriving home at 10:40 p.m. May 8, when he was shot on his front steps.Vinet said some witnesses described seeing a grey or silver SUV in the area at the time of the shooting, but investigators do not know if it was connected to the murder.The case is being handled by the joint police Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, Vinet said, with the involvement of Abbotsford police.The house has been owned since 2005 by Oscar Cojulun, who is now listed as living in Edmonton, suggesting the victim was a tenant.
Cojulun did not return phone calls Friday.Supt. John Robin, head of the Integrated Gang Task Force, confirmed the latest victim has considerable criminal links.
But he said it does not appear the Abbotsford shooting is connected to another gangster slaying, which occurred exactly 24 hours earlier after a fight at the Cecil strip club in downtown Vancouver."The two incidents do not appear to be related," said Robin.The identity of the 30-year-old Vancouver victim will not be released until next week, Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning said Friday.Fanning said the Richmond man is also well-known to police though not linked to a specific gang, but with many criminal associates.He said VPD homicide investigators are poring over video surveillance from the vicinity of the shooting to attempt to identify suspects.
The Vancouver shooting took place in the hotel parking lot, at 1336 Granville St., minutes after a fight broke out inside the strip club. A second man was shot in the leg, but survived.The Cecil's liquor licence was temporarily suspended after the shooting.
The total number of homicides across the Lower Mainland in 2008 is close to 40, with 27 in IHIT's jurisdiction, 10 in Vancouver and one in Delta. Many of the slayings have been gang-related or linked to organized crime, making witnesses reluctant to come forward.

Russell Sinkis former Hells Angel ordered to be on supervision for three years

Russell Sinkis, 37, of 45 Oxford St., Auburn, was also ordered to be on supervision for three years after release from prison for his conviction for being a felon in possession of ammunition. The charge stems from Mr. Sinkis shooting a gun — with which he was not charged because, unlike the ammunition, it could not be proven to have crossed state lines — at the Boston Gun Range in Worcester on Oct. 26, 2006.
Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV said there were conflicting pressures on his decision to sentence Mr. Sinkis to 4 years and 9 months. The judge credited the argument of defense lawyer James J. Gribouski that illegal possession of ammunition by a felon is less serious when it is at a gun range rather than on the street or in his home, and less serious than possession of a gun. While the crime is not relatively serious, the judge said the nature of the defendant is another matter. Judge Saylor noted that restraining orders have been taken out against Mr. Sinkis by three different women. Judge Saylor said Mr. Sinkis beat a man while the man’s children were in the next room and that one of Mr. Sinkis’ victims was a 78-year-old woman.
He had been a motorcycle gang member and his most recent employment was as a disk jockey at a strip club, Judge Saylor noted. While Mr. Sinkis said that he has severed ties with his friends and his past, Judge Saylor said that was not entirely voluntary, since he has been in jail and “his fellow members of the Hells Angels kicked him out of the club.” Judge Saylor said that Mr. Sinkis’ parents, who were in court yesterday, are supportive, but that is insufficient to reduce his sentence.
Judge Saylor said he did not take into account two charges of statutory rape, which are still pending against him in Dudley District Court. A hearing is scheduled Monday in that court on charges that he had sex in 2004 and 2005 with a 14-year-old girl, a family friend that he had hired to be a babysitter when he lived in Webster.
The judge rejected Mr. Gribouski’s request to sentence his client to a non-guideline sentence of 13 months, but he sentenced him at the low end of the federal advisory sentencing guidelines. The judge also denied a request from Mr. Sinkis, who has worked as a tattoo artist and body piercer, to be taken to a tattoo artist to cover his tattoos. The safety of Mr. Sinkis, who is in custody, “is in danger if his tattoos are not either removed or covered,” Mr. Gribouski said.

shots fired during a fight between Bell Garden Locos and North Side Villans

Grandview police are investigating a report of shots fired during a fight between opposing gang members Thursday night.Police received a report that a fight was about to happen at 7:50 p.m. Thursday in an alley in the 300 block of Avenue D.An estimated six to eight members of the Bell Garden Locos and North Side Villans scattered when police arrived, said Assistant Chief Mark Ware. Police later found some of the people involved. No one was hurt in the fight, Ware said.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Andrew Merola ,Ralph Cicalese,Michael Urgol , Charles "Buddy Musk" Muccigrosso,John Tizio suspected mobsters were expected to be arraigned

23 suspected mobsters were expected to be arraigned in Federal Court in Newark Thursday. Ten were arrested and another 13 were told to surrender, and FBI spokesman said.Among those charged are Andrew Merola of Toms River who prosecutors said allegedly ran the New Jersey crew of the Gambino crime family. Also arrested was Ralph Cicalese of Roseland who helped run gambling operations. Investigators said the gambling enterprise included a multi-million dollar Internet gambling site.
They crew is also accused of ripping off major retailers like Home Depot, Best Buy and Circuit City by using bogus bar code labels to get high priced electronics and other merchandise at greatly reduced prices. The FBI said two of the reputed mobsters got jobs inside Lowes to help pull off the scam.
This is the second major FBI raid targeting the Gambino crime family this year. In February, WNBC.com first reported more than 60 reputed mobsters were arrested in Brooklyn and charged on counts ranging from racketeering to murder.
In this New Jersey case, investigators said many of the suspects will face extortion, racketeering, conspiracy and gambling counts. Investigators have not yet named those arrested. An FBI spokesman said a press conference is expected later this morning to explain the charges.Investigators said the suspects also ripped off New Jersey construction firms in part by demanding payoffs and kickbacks as well as no-show jobs. The FBI said the suspects also threatened and shook down food vending trucks outside construction sites demanding kickbacks and payoffs in order to sell coffee and food to construction workers. The Prudential parking garage construction site in Newark was one site that was allegedly targeted.Several reputed associates of the Genovese and Luchese crime families were also charged Among the 23 suspects: Charles "Buddy Musk" Muccigrosso of Newark, John Tizio of West Orange, Michael Urgol of Clifton, John Manzella of West Orange, Carmine Maimone of Brooklyn.
The FBI investigation continued for two-years, uncovering crimes that dated back to 2002. The probe relied on court ordered wiretaps and surveillances.
The Gambino crime family is perhaps best known for its one-time boss, the late John Gotti. Investigators have said the criminal group maintains influence in various industries including trucking and construction.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Black Power and Mongrel Mob gang members clash at funeral

Black Power and Mongrel Mob gang members clash at funeral Mid-South Canterbury area controller Inspector Dave Gaskin said both groups took the opportunity "to puff out their chests and feel important".Christchurch Mongrel Mob members boosted the contingent connected to a MacDonald Street house, while further east Black Power and associates were also on the street.Mr Gaskin said the Mongrel Mob included some patched members from Christchurch, who were in Timaru for a funeral.He said that with rival gang members and supporters living in the same area, they were bound to come into contact. He said the confrontation did not lead to any arrests.On Sunday five Black Power members were arrested for unlawful assembly, and one of them was arrested for being in possession of a bat following an incident on Brunswick Street on Saturday night.yesterday they were bailed at large on conditions that included non-association with gang members.

Dayton View Hustlers, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Greenwich VillageCrew, and Otterbein Mafia gangs operating in the Fifth District

Police detectives for the past month have been rounding up suspected gang members in targeted neighborhoods in an effort to curb organized criminal activity.The effort has netted at least a dozen arrests, several weapons, thousands of dollars in cash and drugs, Dayton Detective Chad Knight said.
The police department in 2006 received a $98,533 Anti-Gang Initiative grant from the U.S. Justice Department, part of a $30 million nationwide pool of money to support new or expanded anti-gang efforts. The grant is helping to cover overtime pay for officers conducting the sweeps, and to train officers to identify gang and organized criminal activity. Funding is expected to last until August, police said.
A Dayton Daily News series published Feb. 17 and 18 found that law enforcement agencies in the Miami Valley have connected assaults, drug trafficking, shootings and homicides to more than a dozen local street gangs.The sweeps of one police district at a time (there are five) involve Knight and other narcotics detectives and patrol units from the targeted district.
A sweep on April 4 yielded four felony and three misdemeanor arrests; 24 traffic citations; the confiscation of 28 grams of powder cocaine, five grams of crack cocaine and six ounces of marijuana; $1,600 cash and a 9 mm handgun, said Lt. Patrick Welsh, narcotics squad supervisor.
Most of the sweeps have focused on the Fifth District, in the northwest portion of Dayton, parts of which are known gang hotbeds. Police have made several arrests along Otterbein Avenue, Knight said. Police have identified several gangs operating in the Fifth District including the Dayton View Hustlers, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Greenwich Village Crew, and Otterbein Mafia.Names, ages, group affiliations and other information gathered from arrests are entered into Ohio's statewide gang database for use by law enforcement, Welsh said.
The weekend of May 2-4, a sweep targeted neighborhoods in the Second District, which encompasses the east side of the city below East Fifth Street, Welsh said.
"It's not just targeting street gangs, so to say. It's a broader spectrum," he said. "It could be a family where only blood relatives are allowed in as opposed to a group that calls themselves something."Police are also targeting suspected biker gangs and neo-Nazi organizations."It's really an anti-group initiative," Welsh said.
In a related investigatory development, police said they reviewed area homicides since 2005 and have found that a significant portion can be linked to a "group dynamic."Welsh said Dayton, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the city of Trotwood found that close to 40 percent were "group dynamic" related. Group-related incidents, which police formally refer to as "group-member involved incidents," include homicides where the victim or suspect is a known member of a defined group, Welsh said.

15 shots were fired as Hells Angels bikie gang and the Middle East Boys street gang clashed as bystanders ducked for cover.

15 shots were fired as rival gangs clashed and bystanders ducked for cover. The shootout involved about a dozen men in three cars, with security footage showing some of the men firing shots as they chased each other down the street. Police are investigating if those involved were linked to the Hells Angels bikie gang and the Middle East Boys street gang. No one was injured in the incident, with police taking three people into custody for questioning. The shootout sparked a debate over the passage of legislation to crack down on outlaw motorcycle gangs, including laws to prevent people associating with gang members. The legislation is before parliament's upper house. Attorney-General Michael Atkinson said yesterday's shootout vindicated the Government's stand and he urged the parliament to pass the new laws as soon as possible. But Australian Democrats MP Sandra Kanck said Mr Atkinson was trying to scare parliament into passing the draconian laws. "The Attorney-General wants parliament to pass laws that could see a church volunteer going to jail for even talking to someone who used to be a bikie," Ms Kanck said. "The Democrats will support all legitimate measures to crack down on crime regardless of who commits it, but we cannot support legislation that finds guilt on the basis of who you are friends with."

Jeremy Johnson,Darin Dudley,Chad Reigenborn,Jeffery Johnson,Southside Criminals and the King Hill Posse arrested ,

Southside Criminals and the King Hill Posse. City misdemeanor charges were filed Tuesday against the alleged rock fighters.“This is not the first time we have had trouble with the people using those names as the guise with which they were doing things,” said Cmdr. Jim Connors of the St. Joseph Police Department. “Some of them are largely responsible for some of the graffiti that we are seeing around.”Mr. Connors said the two gangs were not fighting each other but were throwing rocks at a third party. There were no injuries in the incident, which occurred Monday on Carnegie Street at about 7 p.m.Witnesses reported 12 to 15 individuals at the rock fight. Police arrested six, including one who was taken into juvenile custody.
Chad Reigenborn, 17, Jeffery Johnson, 24, Darin Dudley, 17, and Jeremy Johnson, 19, each were charged with a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct by fighting.
City misdemeanor charges of assault and resisting arrest were filed against Tyler J. Ortega, 18.Police had to use a Taser on Mr. Ortega, Mr. Connors said.
Mr. Connors said police are keen to squelch the gang activity before it gets out of hand and escalates from rocks and spray paint to weapons, turf battles and other serious problems.“We delivered the message last night, we’re not going to tolerate it,” Mr. Connors said. “If we have to bring six people to jail every night, we’ll do it.”

Maverick Steak House Sunday night shooting in which two customers were wounded

The Maverick Steak House Sunday night shooting in which two customers were wounded.
It is the second incident involving gunshots at the restaurant. The first was in December 2005, when three people, including a Norco firefighter, were hurt in a confrontation between two rival biker gangs during a toy drive in front of the restaurant and bar. Sunday's shooting had no connection to any biker gang, said Lt. Ross Cooper of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff's deputies arrested two Corona men Sunday night on suspicion of firing several shots at Maverick's, striking two customers inside. Deputies booked Isaac Flores, 26, and Robert Taylor Jr., 25, into Robert Presley Detention Center on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The shooting comes just months after the city and restaurant owner Rob Koziel reached an agreement on operating conditions for the restaurant.
The latest incident has city officials questioning the restaurant's fate. "We thought things were getting better, and then this happened," said Norco Mayor Frank Hall. Koziel could not be reached for comment. Cooper said there is a possibility that the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control could suspend or revoke Maverick's liquor license. "Right now, it is still too early to say. We're in a fact-gathering mode," said John Carr, public information "The report will help determine if there needs to be any disciplinary action," Carr said. Carr said the department needs to investigate whether the incident is the fault of Maverick's or if it was an isolated incident. Deputies said Flores and Taylor had a disagreement with other patrons at the bar. The pair left the bar in the 3800 block of Hamner Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. Sunday. When they returned a few minutes later, they opened fire in front of the business, deputies said. Paramedics took the victims to hospitals. Their wounds were not believed to be life-threatening. Deputies arrested the suspects after broadcasting a description of the vehicle the shooters left in. Officers stopped the pair on the 60 Freeway at Archibald Avenue. On Tuesday, Hall said he was not aware of all the circumstances of the shooting and was waiting for the sheriff's report. Hall said the city will then determine if the Planning Commission should consider any changes to Maverick's operating permit or if deputies should deal with the situation. "We don't like to see this happen in our city," Hall said.
The council is expecting to receive an update on the recent modifications from Koziel within the next month.
"It (the shooting) indicates that, maybe the Maverick is still attracting a fairly rough element," he said. "It's concerning, but you can be sure we'll be addressing it."

Joshua James Masters head of the Killer Beez gang

Investigation head detective inspector John Tims says the arrests are the culmination of a six-month investigation targeting the Killer Beez and Tribesmen gangs. More than 100 police took part in the Operation Leo raids around Otara and Papatoetoe with the armed offenders squad also involved in Tuesday’s searches.More than 20 people are facing drugs charges after a police crackdown on the Killer Beez and Tribesmen gangs.The arrests came after police raids on Monday and Tuesday on 19 south Auckland properties, including Colourways Records run by the Killer Beez.
Seventeen people charged with supplying methamphetamine or P, a class A drug, were remanded in custody until June 11 when they appeared in the Manukau District Court on Tuesday.One of those was Joshua James Masters, 30, the head of the Killer Beez gang. Another was a minor who appeared in the youth court.Two women on non-drugs charges were remanded on bail until June 11.Another 10 people, including two women, were to appear in court on charges mostly relating to the manufacture, supply and possession of methamphetamine.Those arrested range in age from 16 to 58.
The raids in south Auckland and two in the Waikato netted $500,000 worth of methamphetamine and more than $200,000 in cash, plus stolen property including vehicles, and two firearms.The proceeds of crime unit also seized assets including vehicles and motorcycles. Mr Tims says the arrests should go a long way to dispelling some myths about the true nature of the groups’ activities."They’ve tried to portray themselves as modern-day Robin Hoods through their music videos and CDs. But in simple terms they’ve been supplying drugs to our communities."Mr Tims says he’s confident the crackdown has had a "significant impact" on the sale and distribution of methamphetamine in Auckland.Manukau mayor Len Brown has congratulated the police for making inroads into local drug and gang operations."Their focus on groups like the Killer Beez gang is particularly welcome. It’s about time the true nature of groups like this saw the light of day."The Killer Beez was formed in Otara five years ago as a ‘feeder’ gang for the Tribesmen gang and has expanded its influence through Auckland and Northland.In the Waikato, two men face charges of unlawful possession of firearms after Operation Leo raids. One man was to face further charges of conspiracy to supply methamphetamine and receiving stolen property.Police say they are sending a clear message that members of the Killer Beez , a feeder youth gang to the Tribesmen, are not the hip hop heroes being portrayed in music videos."In simple terms they are drug dealers who are causing destruction and chaos by their actions," says Detective Inspector John Tims from Counties Manukau Police.
Meanwhile, some of the 18 gang members arrested earlier on Monday have appeared in the Manukau District Court amid tight security.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hells Angels outlaw shootout with semi-automatic weapons on Adelaide's restaurant strip forced dozens of bystanders to dive for cover early yesterday.

"You've got three vehicles in a popular nightspot with each of those vehicles carrying people armed with semi-automatic weapons. One shot is frightening, let alone 15."Middle East Boys street gang shootout with semi-automatic weapons on Adelaide's most popular restaurant strip forced dozens of bystanders to dive for cover early yesterday.At least 15 shots were fired in the gun battle among about a dozen men in three cars.Security vision shows some of the men chasing each other on foot while firing and bystanders diving clear of a speeding car on a footpath.
Police were investigating if the suspects were linked to the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang and the Middle East Boys street gang.The shooting has sparked a political debate over anti-bikie laws that the Government says are being delayed by "Mickey Mouse" amendments.Four other shootings in the city in the past year have involved 10 victims but no one was injured in yesterday's shooting, on the busy Gouger St restaurant strip at 1.20am.
Four other shootings in the city in the past year have involved 10 victims but no one was injured in yesterday's shooting, on the busy Gouger St restaurant strip at 1.20am.Detective Superintendent Des Bray said it was lucky no one was caught in the crossfire. He could not rule out revenge as a motive."It was only good luck no innocent members of the public or bystanders were killed or seriously injured," the Crime Gang Task Force chief said.

Hussein El-Hajj Hassan told people he was going to meet an influential Hells Angel member the night he died

Hussein El-Hajj Hassan told people he was going to meet an influential Hells Angel member the night he died, to work out a problem over drug-dealing territory, the biker testified yesterday that he was never aware of any such meeting.Paul "Sasquatch" Porter testified briefly yesterday at the trial of Shant Esrabian, who is charged with first-degree murder in Mr. El-Hajj Hassan's 2004 death.
Mr. Esrabian has pleaded not guilty.Earlier this week, Mr. El-Hajj Hassan's widow, Soumia Labrouki, testified that her husband told her on Aug. 20, 2004 that he was going to meet Mr. Porter in Cornwall to discuss a territory problem that one of Mr. El-Hajj Hassan's dealers had been havingAccording to Marwan Sablani, another associate of Mr. El-Hajj Hassan's who testified this week, Mark Yegin, was going to pick Mr. El-Hajj Hassan up and drive him there.Though Mr. Sablani said Mr. El-Hajj Hassan went to meet Mr. Yegin just before 8 p.m. that August night, he never made it to Cornwall.His body was found almost a year later in a shallow grave in Ottawa's west end. He had been shot twice and his right hand had been cut off.Yesterday, Mr. Porter sat on the witness stand, guarded by a member of the Ottawa Police Squad's tactical unit, and told the jury he had only met Mr. El-Hajj Hassan once, in a restaurant."Was there a meeting planned for you to meet Mr. El-Hajj Hassan on Aug. 20, 2004?" asked assistant Crown attorney Julie Scott."Nope," the 400-pound biker replied."Did you know about any meeting?""Nope," he replied, completing his brief testimony.Mr. Porter then ambled out of the courtroom, whispering, "Say hi to Fadi," as he passed Mr. Esrabian in the prisoner's box.Fadi Saleh and Mr. Yegin are also charged with first-degree murder in Mr. El-Hajj Hassan's death. Over the course of the week, the jury has heard that Mr. El-Hajj Hassan was an Ottawa cocaine dealer who got most of his supply from Mr. Saleh.However, various associates have testified this week that Mr. El-Hajj Hassan grew frustrated with Mr. Saleh's organization in 2004 and decided to start dealing directly with his supplier in Toronto, Rafei Ebrekdjian."He wanted to give the money directly to me," Mr. Ebrekdjian testified yesterday. He said after Mr. El-Hajj Hassan approached him about dealing directly with him, he told Mr. Saleh about it."He didn't like it. He was upset," Mr. Ebrekdjian said when he was asked how Mr. Saleh responded to that news.
"People shouldn't cross other people."

Saturday, 3 May 2008

George Christie Jr former Hells Angels leader was arrested

"There is this mystique that the Hells Angels are bad people and we need to get these bad people," he said, "when in reality, it's mostly a bunch of old guys riding their motorcycles around."
County officials said they spent about $2 million on the 2001-02 case against the Hells Angels, but some think the figure is closer to $6 million.
"I think (former District Attorney Mike) Bradbury spent $6 million to get George on probation," said Sheahen. "Maybe (current District Attorney Greg) Totten can spend $6 million to get him on derision."
George Christie Jr., and his attorney said the delay was evidence of a weak case stemming from years of vindictive, costly intimidation against his client."This continues a pattern of harassment," said Los Angeles defense attorney Robert Sheahen.Delays in filing charges, however, are not uncommon, and people shouldn't read too much into it, Senior Deputy District Attorney Derek Malan said. The office has three years to file, he said."We expect to file felony charges against Mr. Christie once our investigation is complete," Malan said, declining further comment.
Christie was arrested last week — the day before his 61st birthday — after members of a Sheriff's Department gang unit found less than 2 grams of suspected cocaine and methamphetamine in his Ventura home, police said. A gram of cocaine can sell for $50 to $100 on the street.The substances were discovered after one of three search warrants was served at Christie's home in the 400 block of Ventura Avenue. Deputies also determined Christie was under the influence of cocaine and methamphetamine, officials said.A second search warrant was served at the home of Joe Cerezo, 34, who deputies said is a member of the Hells Angels. Cerezo, who lives in the 2900 block of Apache Avenue in Ventura, was arrested after deputies found a stolen shotgun in his bedroom, authorities said. Cerezo also has not been charged yet.A search warrant was also served at the Hells Angels clubhouse at 65 Fix Way, Ventura. Several members were detained at the site, but no arrests were made.Wearing a black sweat suit and glasses, Christie stood at his court appearance Friday, which lasted less than a minute because prosecutors said they needed more time to investigate. Christie agreed to return to court May 16.It was his first time back in criminal court since 2004, when a judge denied a request to reduce his probation in a previous case so he could pursue a career in film and television.Christie declined to comment on the new case. But Sheahen said in interviews this week that Christie has relinquished his role as president and unofficial spokesman for the Hells Angels motorcycle club.Sheahen said authorities are wasting taxpayers' money going after Christie. The father of a 4-year-old boy, Christie spends most of his time at home, particularly since a motorcycle accident last year put him under a doctor's care, the attorney said."All of this stuff is loony. It's nonsense," Sheahen said, speculating any drugs found in Christie's system likely were prescribed. "He's been a perfect probationer" since a massive 2001 drug and racketeering case that made national headlines, Sheahen said.Christie was accused of being the leader of a prescription drug ring that targeted schoolchildren and was one of 28 people indicted by a Ventura County Grand Jury in February 2001. Many of the defendants, including Christie, later reached plea bargains and pleaded to lesser charges.
Prosecutors ultimately dropped 57 of 59 counts and enhancements filed against Christie. He pleaded guilty in 2002 to one count of conspiracy to possess the prescription drug Vicodin for sale, and no contest to a count of filing a false income tax return. He received three years' probation and time served for the 390 days he spent in jail.Authorities released few details about last week's arrest, citing an ongoing investigation. The search warrants were sealed. But authorities said they were not buying that Christie is a reformed man.
"He admitted to the drugs" found in his belongings, sheriff's Sgt. Dave Murray said Friday.Deputies searched his house for evidence of a possibly stolen motorcycle, Murray said. Christie cooperated and later agreed to a urine test, which "came back dirty for cocaine, meth and opiates," Murray said.Sheriff's Capt. Mike Aranda, who leads the county gang unit, described the Hells Angels as an active criminal street gang worth the time and taxpayer expense to monitor."The Hells Angels are absolutely a street gang. We've made a number of arrests of Hells Angels members," mostly on assault and drug-related charges, Ventura police Lt. Quinn Fenwick said. "And I believe we will continue to have problems with them."

John Napoli president of the Breed Outlaw Motorcycle gang, used violence to keep bikers in line in the Bristol-Levittown area

John Napoli took a "scruffy, disorganized" outlaw biker gang and turned it into a well-organized $6 million crystal-meth-trafficking organization.
And, like the head of a crime family, Napoli, 35, president of the Breed Outlaw Motorcycle gang, used violence to keep bikers in line in the Bristol-Levittown area, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Foulkes said yesterday, urging that the defendant be sentenced to life in prison. Napoli, among his violent attacks, used an electric drill to bore into Thomas Burke's arm, and nearly crushed his face and dislocated an eye. He put a severely beaten rival in the hospital for four days. And he warned bikers who cooperate with law enforcement: "You'll be killed.""What you did was uncivilized," said U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III yesterday before sentencing Napoli to 36 years in federal prison, followed by five years of supervised release.His treatment of Burke, who refused to sell drugs, was "horrendous, to say the least," he added.Despite Napoli's reign of terror distributing 125 pounds of methamphetamine to mid-level dealers between 2003-2006, he apparently had a domesticated side - to which his common-law wife, niece and two neighbors attested.
In an impassioned plea, defense attorney Hope Lefeber asked Bartle to consider "the other side of Napoli" in fashioning a sentence."How can it be that a man who is capable of acts of brutality led an almost completely different life?" she asked.Napoli took in three children of his crack-addicted sister, enrolled them in school, set a 9 p.m. curfew and and "would not tolerate drug use," said a niece, Jessica Lenugan, 18. "He was like my second dad.""John has been nothing but good to me - never laid a hand on me or our son," said Sadie Kinney, 30, Napoli's common-law wife of 9 1/2 years. "He was not a crazy outlaw all the time. We lived like everyone else, and we treated everyone with respect."Two neighbors, Kelly Hood and Laura McDonough, both testified that Napoli had cared for them - Hood when she was seriously ill, and McDonough when her heater exploded, among other times.Instead of life in prison, as calculated under advisory sentencing guidelines, Bartle gave the construction worker six more years in prison than the 30-year sentence he gave Napoli's top aide and co-defendant, William "Tattoo Billy" Johnson, last Friday.
Another co-defendant, Thomas "Fuzzy" Heilman, earlier received a 19 1/2-year sentence in federal prison.With time off for good behavior, Napoli will serve more than 30 years in federal prison, and be 65 years old when he gets out.The government is seeking a $6 million judgment against Napoli - the wholesale value of illicit drugs sold.To prevent his Levittown home from forfeiture, Napoli agreed not to contest the government's seizure of three motorcycles, four vehicles, 20 firearms, including a machine gun, and $223,500.Last Oct. 4, Napoli was convicted of conspiracy to distribute crystal meth, violent acts in the aid of racketeering, extortion, three counts of possession of firearms, including a machine gun, and ammunition by a convicted felon. *

Friday, 2 May 2008

Robert Sanchez arrested on suspicion of Santoya’s death

Violence in Salinas returned to the area of Hartnell College late Friday night with the slaying of one man and serious injury of another.
Witnesses say a fight broke out about 11:15 p.m. at a party on the 700 block of Archer Street, leaving one man fatally shot and another stabbed. The injured man ran into a nearby apartment complex to hide until police arrived, then was taken by helicopter from the soccer fields at Hartnell College to a Bay Area hospital.
Police are not releasing the names or ages of the two men or saying whether the homicide and assault were gang-related.
The shot man became the city’s ninth homicide of the year and second homicide of the week.The day before, Martin Santoya, 21, was fatally shot near North Salinas High School minutes before school let out while arguing with someone in another car. Salinas police arrested Robert Sanchez, 18, Friday on suspicion of Santoya’s death — the year’s first arrest in a gang-related homicide in Salinas.This year the area around Hartnell and Central Park has seen an unusual amount of violence.On March 4, Gabriel Mendoza, 17, was fatally shot while walking through Central Park at night with his 14-year-old brother, Juan. This homicide, the city’s fifth of the year, is believed to be gang-related, police said.Four weeks later, Ivan Zamora, 19, was shot multiple times April 2 on the 600 block of Central Avenue and transported to a Bay Area hospital. Police said the shooting was gang-related.Central Avenue historically has been known as an area controlled by members of Norteño-affiliated gangs, said Monterey County Gang Task Force Cmdr. Dino Bardoni.About eight years ago, Bardoni said, the neighborhood experienced similar violence. He compared the rise and fall of violence in the area to a roller coaster, but declined to link it to any particular cause. “It is not a simple thing,” he said. “There are a lot of variables that we need to take into consideration to explain the spike in violence.”Bardoni did not comment on the ongoing investigation of this year’s homicides in this area.Some neighbors are taking safety precautions.Yvonne Jimenez,who has lived on Archer Street for four years, said she is concerned about the safety of her three children, 8, 11 and 15.Jimenez said that since Friday’s slaying, her children are not allowed to play outside. While they’ve always walked to and from school she said she now plans to pick them up during the afternoon, when gang members may be active. “It’s scary to know how the area has changed,” Jimenez said.
Central Avenue resident Richard Littlefield, who lives two houses from the April 2 shooting, said the violence would probably continue.“The retaliation will continue, and there’s only so much that police can do,” he said. “This was a lovely, quiet side of town, but now (violence) is filtering in.”

bladebaaz gangs operate with the help of certain jail officials

Inmates of Asia’s largest prison, the high-security Tihar in the capital, are on a knife-edge, or shall we say blade-edge. The prison with over 10,000 inmates, including several high-profile ones, has been held hostage by a handful of criminals who harass fellow prisoners with blades.Though the presence of the “bladebaaz gangs”, as they are known, in the jail has been long speculated, a petition filed in a local court seeks to confirm it.
Such is the fear of these gangs that even high-profile prisoners hope they don’t have to face them. Not so long ago, former Congress member and Dawood henchman Romesh Sharma and former cop SS Rathi (serving a life sentence in the Connaught Place shootout case) had claimed threat from the gangs.Nearly 26 Tihar inmates recently wrote to the chief justice of the Delhi high court and Patiala House, alleging frequent attacks by the gangs. They gave various reasons for the attacks, from extortion to refusing menial jobs. The petitioners include Tariq Ahmed Dar, charged in the Delhi Diwali blast case, and mafia don Fazlur Rehman, accused of murder, extortion and kidnapping. The petition alleges the gangs operate with the help of certain jail officials. “Jail inmates cannot possess blades, knives, surgical blades and other such sharp weapons. But several instances of attacks on some inmates by these gangs have been reported. It’s obvious some prison officials are allowing banned items into the jail for these gangs,” M Khan, the petitioners’ lawyer, said.

Welcome to the Jungle

The Jungle, roughly between La Brea Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard, south of Rodeo Road and north of Santo Tomas Drive in Southwest Los Angeles, was named a gang reduction zone in November.The area's name came from the lush plantings of the pool apartments but has come to signify the gang warfare that emerged from the tropical facades. Although city officials re-christened it Baldwin Village years ago, many residents still call it the Jungle -- P. Stone Jungle, as it has been ruled by the Black P. Stones, a sect of the Bloods, for more than three decades.The gated courtyards and carports of some 560 apartment buildings present a maze into which gangbangers can slip, and the area has some of the highest crime in the city. For years, the P. Stones have been at war with the Latino 18th Street gang to the north.
As casualties mounted, LAPD assigned Whiteman and two other gang-detail officers to the area in 2004. The next year, the FBI and LAPD swept through the area with federal drug indictments for 16 P. Stone leaders. And the year after that, the city attorney filed a gang injunction against the P. Stones, prohibiting them from congregating in public.Police said the P. Stones had been involved in 1,500 aggravated assaults and 28 murders between 2000 and 2005.Now eight gang officers focus solely on the nearly mile-square turf, rolling down the same streets over and over, using the injunction to conduct more searches and arrests, working directly with gang prosecutors.With this level of contact in the neighborhood, they get to know the spectrum of faces, from upstanding residents to hard-core gang members.

Most powerful Hells Angels' chapters in Canada, The Sherbrooke chapter

Raids carried out on a drug trafficking network operating in the west end of the city produced evidence it was controlled by one of the most powerful Hells Angels' chapters in Canada. While executing search warrants at 13 addresses in points west of the downtown core like Verdun, Point St. Charles and Little Burgundy, Montreal police officers found clothing with the biker gang's tell-tale paraphernalia.
"We have seized clothing with the emblems of the Sherbrooke Hells Angels," said Commander Françe Théoret, head of the Montreal police youth and street gang prevention squad for southern Montreal.
The raids were carried out Thursday as part of Operation Scirocco, an investigation of drug trafficking in southwestern Montreal. Théoret said the investigation began a couple of months ago and Thursday it produced the arrests of 17 people, including five women. She said some of the people arrested were more known to police than others. "But they are people who are tied to an outlaw motorcycle gang, the Hells Angels," she said. "It was a network that sold drugs to certain street gangs that we are aware of." Théoret was unable to say how long the drug trafficking network is believed to have operated before it drew the attention of police investigators this year. The investigation was initiated after Montreal police received a series of complaints from citizens ranging from reports of frequent comings and going at residences to violent crimes like assault and attempted murder. Arrests and search warrants were carried out in St. Henri, Point St. Charles, St. Paul Ville Émard, Verdun and Lachine. Officers seized 1,000 rocks of crack cocaine, 500 marijuana plants and $25,000 in cash. The biker gang's Nomads chapter fought a bloody war and took control of drug trafficking turf in the same area in the late 1990s. But most of the members of the Nomads chapter are behind bars and serving lengthy sentences for crimes committed during their war with organized crime groups like the Rock Machine. Thursday's police operation indicates the biker gang is still present in southwestern Montreal. The Sherbrooke chapter has operated quietly for years even though some of its members have been recently investigated for financial crimes. According to a recent police estimate, the chapter, which has a bunker in Lennoxville, next to Sherbrooke, has 27 full-patch members, making it one of the biggest in Canada. And while the gang's five other chapters in Quebec were hit hard by police operations in the past decade, the Sherbrooke chapter went through the period relatively unscathed. Evidence heard in recent trials suggests the Sherbrooke chapter also has considerable influence over at least two of the gang's chapters in Ontario.The people arrested Thursday are expected to be charged at the Montreal courthouse on Friday with possession of drugs with intent to traffic and drug possession

notorious Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang has been linked to a ruthless unsolved bikie execution in Melbourne

Notorious Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang has been linked to a ruthless unsolved bikie execution in Melbourne. The Herald Sun can reveal police have credible information connecting the club with both the victim and the suspects in the March 2005 killing.
Armed Crime Taskforce detectives yesterday searched a factory in a remote industrial estate in Epping where they believe the man was executed. The factory has previous links to the club. Forensic police last night used chemical tests to check for traces of blood. Despite the release of a detailed face image of the victim, police have yet to establish his name or find his body. The man, described as thin with broad shoulders and in his late 40s, is believed to be from South Australia.
Those involved in the killing are not thought to be formal "patched" members of the club but informal associates. Police say they may have been cut loose from the club after the killing. Victoria has two Iron Horsemen chapters. Formed in Melbourne in 1969, the outlaw gang prides itself on its club colours and its "brotherhood". Bikie gangs are known to lash out at members who attract unwanted attention, those who try to defect to other clubs or those who try to opt out of the scene altogether.
In Melbourne 10 years ago, an Iron Horsemen member bashed a parking inspector, shattering his eye socket. Seven years earlier, gang members belted a man they say shot one of their members during a camping trip. Det Sen-Constable Graeme Simpfendorfer described the case as baffling.
"The primary focus is to identify the victim which will open up motive," he said.
"We are forensically investigating but without a body or name to the face, it's difficult."

Latin and Queen Nation gang which is based out of Chicago targeted by Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies

The FBI and numerous other local police agencies arrested several suspected members from "The Almighty King and Queen Nation Gang" during a city wide raid Tuesday. Investigators say this is a very violent Latino street gang based in Chicago.
Buffalo FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Laurie Bennett said, "This is the first time that we've seen a national gang actually with a hierarchy here established in western New York." Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson said, "They're a very, very violent street gang. They had their tentacles stretched throughout the City of Buffalo and indeed throughout the nation." The suspects face charges including drug trafficking, weapons possession and money laundering.
Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies raided several locations early Tuesday morning. Their target - members and associates of the Latin and Queen Nation gang which is based out of Chicago. James Jancewicz (FBI Buffalo) said, "...probably the most violent Hispanic criminal gang in the country right now."
According to the FBI, the gang moved to Buffalo in the last couple of years with the exclusive purpose of committing crimes. Jancewicz said, "...primarily drug trafficking, but they're also involved in weapons violations, money laundering, gambling even, even murder." About 40 arrest teams were assembled for the early morning raids that happened at different locations across the City of Buffalo, including one on Potomac. Cutting edge investigative techniques were used against the gang, which has been under investigation in Buffalo for two years.
Jancewicz said, "It's run similar to a Fortune 500 company at times. They report back to the leadership in Chicago. There's different levels of responsibility that members have. They have regular meetings. And clearly it's very much organized."

Members of a Hispanic gang walked out of a house bleeding from a gunshot wound Wednesday night.

Portland police responded to a shooting after a man walked out of a house bleeding from a gunshot wound Wednesday night. Police said another man shot the victim inside a house on the corner of 91st Avenue and Duke Street. It's unclear if the shooting was accidental or intentional. The shooting happened at around 8 p.m. When officers arrived to investigate, they found walls inside the home covered in gang graffiti. They said both men may be members of a Hispanic gang.

Norteno gang member named Jesse Chinchuretta was shot once in the back and died a short time later at a Yakima hospital

30-year old Norteno gang member named Jesse Chinchuretta was shot once in the back and died a short time later at a Yakima hospital.
Yakima Police say a argument broke out between rival gang members in a apartment parking lot at 204 South Fair Avenue. The suspects in a vehicle opened fire hitting the victim and one of his friends. The friend is expected to survive his injuries.
At this time YPD has not made an arrest yet. Mr. Chinchuretta's death was the city of Yakima's 3rd homicide of 2008. The city had 6 homicides in 2007.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Gerry Tobin a full 'patch' member of the Hells Angels was shot in the back of the head as he left the annual Hells Angels' Bulldog Bash festival

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club wants to hold the Rock and Blues Custom Show at Catton Hall, near Walton on Trent.attacks between warring biker gangs could pose a 'life-threatening risk' to the South Derbyshire public if a rock festival is given the go-ahead, police have claimed.However, police fear the event could be targeted for a retribution attack after seven Outlaws were charged with the M40 motorway murder of Gerry Tobin a full 'patch' member of the Hells Angels. Mr Tobin was shot in the back of the head as he left the annual Hells Angels' Bulldog Bash festival, in Warwickshire, in August last year.Police fear that if licensing bosses give the green light to the Catton Hall event - scheduled to take place from July 24 to 26 - members of the public could be put in serious danger.In a report to go before licensing bosses next week, a spokesman for Derbyshire Constabulary says: "Police do not believe that the public safety can be ensured should the event take place.
"The Rock and Blues Custom Show 2008 is an event of such significance to the Outlaws MC that it represents the most desirable target for a revenge attack by Hells Angels MC."As the Outlaws MC's equivalent to the Bulldog Bash, the 2008 show is the first to have taken place after Tobin's murder, and therefore represents the first suitably high-profile opportunity for revenge.
"The positioning of the site of the licensed event creates a heightened risk to the public in the event of gang-related violence."The area of South Derbyshire has many narrow lanes, and were an incident to take place, there is a substantial risk of harm to members of the public."From their enquiries over recent months, the police also believe that serious organised crime may be being planned during the event, as part of the national and international 'business planning' of the Outlaws Association and Outlaws MC.
"In those circumstances, Derbyshire Constabulary would not enter into an agreement to police and protect their activities."He said there were "no conditions which could be placed upon the licence which would, in the opinion of Derbyshire Constabulary, ensure the public would be safe".
The Outlaws, Hells Angels and Bandidos are the biggest of the so-called '1percent-er' motorcycle clubs in the world.
In January, three Outlaws members were attacked by a gang of Hells Angels armed with machetes at Birmingham Airport - in full view of passengers and children.
One of those arrested, Neil Bissell, the deputy organiser of the Bulldog Bash, remains on police bail.
Closer to home, members of the Outlaws - who are rumoured to have a 'clubhouse' in the Waterloo Stret area of the town - are believed to have been behind the stabbing of a 39-year-old man outside Burton's Abbey Inn, in January, 2006.
However, despite the susbsequent arrests of three men and a woman in connection with the knife attack, no charges were ever brought.Simon Covell, from event organiser One Percent Entertainment, says the Outlaws are 'fully committed' to ensuring the security of the bash, citing risk assessments which have been carried out.
However, the police spokesman says: "It is a matter of official record that over many years, '1percent-er' motorcycle clubs have been actively engaged in organised crime, including murder, extortion, robbery, drugs and firearms.
"Many of the violent incidents involve revenge attacks on rival gangs and retaliation is undertaken on a global scale."In order to appreciate the potentially life-threatening risk to members of the public in South Derbyshire, it is necessary to understand the history of the motorcycle clubs and the intense rivalry and hatred that exists between them."When respective motorcycle clubs hold major events, these are likely to attract revenge attacks with the most impact."The history of ingrained hatred between the Outlaws and the Hells Angels dates back to 1969, when an Outlaw raped the wife of a rival gang member.
A decision on the premises licence will be made during a meeting of the council's licensing sub-committee on Wednesday, May 7.
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